About Me

Welcome to my travel blog. 🌍
         Current Location: United Kingdom (home).

I’m one of those British girls who like to keep moving.

Some notes: Sadie Chillingworth, 26, I watch too many films & TV shows, adore puppies & Penguins, loves a cuppa, live for winter, snow & hot cocoa, the crunch of a biscuit, Christmas Holidays, and I justify drinking red wine as one of my five-a-day. I love pizza and hate odd socks. They match for a reason. OCD.

I’ve recently changed the title of my blog from ‘Let’s Talk Travel’ to ‘Travelling Enthusiast, Trying Life at Home’, as this represents my current situation. This blog is a showcase of my journey – where I have been, who I have travelled with and where I plan to visit next. Read my stories, view my pictures, watch my videos and please get in touch- I would love to hear from you.

Thank you!

Let’s explore the world through a camera lens, and capture some memories. 📷


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