Next Destination: Singapore

This year is all about saving! Dave and I moved in together in December and I've recently bought a new car, and I'm about to buy a new iPhone so unfortunately, the holidays will have to wait until 2019. But that's okay, it's not like I haven't been away over the last three years and …

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Let’s Explore Historic Route 66

Illinois→Missouri→Kansas→Oklahoma→Texas→New Mexico→Arizona→California Facts and Figures Destination: From Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California. Distance: 3,945km, 2,278miles. Midway Point: Adrian, Texas (1,139 miles between Chicago and Los Angeles). Modernisation: Most of the road has been replaced by interstate highways I-55, I-40 and I-44. Time Zones: 3 time zones. Weather Conditions: Avoid summer and winter; I recommend …

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