Friday Flashback Feelings

ON THIS DAY A YEAR AGO 8 SEPTEMBER 2016 My mum, sister and I were soaking up the sunshine in 35 degrees at Wet 'n' Wild in Honolulu, Hawaii! The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and we were ready to soar down waterslides and tackle the wave pool. Well, mum and I were …

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Snapshots for America

Washington D,C. The White House, Washington Monument, President Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King Jr.Memorial Chicago, Illinois. Including The Bean, City Skyline, Corn Towers, Millennium Park, Willis Tower, the famous & delicious Chicago Deep Dish, NBC Building. (I love this city). New York City. Including Plaza Hotel, Rockefeller Christmas tree, Madison Square Gardens Arena tour, New …

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Aloha Kakou “Greetings to All”

Welcome back and “Aloha”. In Hawaii, this popular phrase is used to greet someone, share a hello, goodbye, a welcome, affection and love. We used this term a lot in Hawaii, along with ‘Mahalo’, ‘Aloha kakahiaka’ and ‘Aloha ahiahi’, meaning thank you, good morning and good evening. In my post last week I mentioned I …

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