Hurricanes V’s Crusaders!

I've never really shared an interest to sit down and watch a sports game or go to a jam packed arena, to be a dot in the crowd. Other than Wimbledon and the Olympic Games, that's really as far as it goes. But spending nine months in New Zealand, I had to test the waters …

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Three Incredible Moments

These are three moments I will never forget!  1- Midpoint of Route 66 Exactly 1139 miles from Chicago, Illinois and 1139 miles to Los Angeles, California we made it to the midpoint of the popular Route 66 in the United States. For us, this was an incredible achievement. We were very lucky as we travelled …

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Chicago’s Famous Stuffed Deep Dish Pizza

We've all tried the Chicago Town Deep Dish pizza from a packet. You know the one, smothered in cheese, with lashings of toppings, and easy to cook in the oven. However, have you visited Chicago in the USA and tried an actual famous stuffed deep dish pizza? The original deep dish pizza? I have, and I must …

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Empire State Building v Rockefeller Center (re)

You're in New York City, you'll probably only visit one of the two towers to see a 360- degree city view of Manhattan. But which building do you choose? The Empire State or Rockefeller Center? Here are my thoughts, as I've visited both. Price Rockefeller Center- $34 for adults, $28 for children. The Empire State- Top …

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The time we hired a Ford Mustang!

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA. We'd booked tickets to visit Paramount Pictures Studios, booked for Disneyland Resort, and for Knott's Berry Farm Theme Park. We'd plan to visit Hollywood's Hall of Fame, see the visible Hollywood landmark sign, and Malibu's glistening beaches. Then we thought we're in Los Angeles, mum is coming out to visit us for a …

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Skydiving- Seeking Adventure in New Zealand

I’ve updated my blog post about my 13,000ft skydive, including footage! Here is my video, enjoy. Thank you. #newzealand

Travelling Enthusiast, Trying Life at Home

Location: Ashburton, Canterbury Region, South Island, New Zealand


  • Monday 24th August 2015
  • 14:00 jump
  • Height: 13,000ft Skydive, 60 seconds of free-fall
  • Company: Skydiving Kiwi’s
  • Package: USB including photos and videos of my jump
  • Instructor: Lee (a very chilled but professional Kiwi)
  • Price: $360
  • Paperwork: Signing a declaration saying this extreme sport can cause major injuries and in some (very rare) cases.. death. (Never signed one of those before!)

I consider myself to be quite an adrenaline junkie and jumping out of a plane at 13,000ft with a stranger strapped to my back, hoping and praying the $360 dollar parachute I have just paid, whilst reaching full velocity, will open successfully, was definitely a way to fulfil this feeling.

A skydive jump has always been on my bucket list and jumping in New Zealand was the perfect location. From a birds eye view perspective the sight was just incredible. I was…

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