What Does Asia Have to Offer?

Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia… all of these destinations in Asia are strikingly beautiful, full of culture and history and yet, up until ten months ago I had no interest in visiting any of these destinations.

So why has this changed?

I’ve been working at a travel company for ten months now as a world wide travel consultant and since I’ve started in this position my opinion on destinations which I had no prior interest in visiting, has surprisingly changed.

The captivating continent of Asia has my full attention and full interest. I’ve already booked a holiday to visit Singapore next year. The question is now, what destination in Asia should I visit next?!

I really want to visit Thailand. I generally and honestly, had no interest in visiting Thailand. But now I have learnt about the destination and what this beautiful country encompasses, I am intrigued. The real challenge will be convincing my other half Dave to visit Thailand with me. He has no interest in visiting Thailand, so I need to put the last ten months of training and sales experience into action and persuade him to join me.

So what is there to see?

Bangkok – the hustle & bustle, shopping city.

Chiang Mai – Temples, Hill Tribes, culture & history.

Phuket – beaches, beaches, & beaches.

Elephant Hills – staying in luxurious tents and interacting with elephants in their protected environments.

Koh Sok National Park & Ang Thong National Park… what else can you recommend?

I would love to hear about your experiences in Thailand and Asia. Leave me a comment and share your wisdom!

Let’s see if I will be booking a trip to Thailand next year…

Thank you for reading, Sadie Chillingworth.


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