Fa La La… it’s Christmas time.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and it is my absolute favourite time of the year.

I am extremely excited to celebrate the festive season this year. I want to feel traditional and embrace every festive activity.

Last year was very different, my boyfriend and I spent Christmas and New Years in New Zealand. Not only were we living on the other side of the world, celebrating Christmas before any of my friends and family. We celebrated in 30 degrees heat, ate breakfast on the balcony, went to the beach and climbed a mountain.

The year prior to this I spent Christmas and New Years in New York City and believe me when I say NYC is the most magical city to celebrate the festive season. Unfortunately, it didn’t snow over Christmas (typical!) but New Years was absolutely freezing.

I would like to highlight one feature in NYC and this is the Rockefeller Christmas tree. I’ve seen this tree featured in so many movies, and I’ve only ever imagined how beautiful it is. And now I’ve seen it, I can honestly say it’s the most beautiful Christmas tree! It’s New York’s world-wide symbol of the holidays, and totally worth adding to your bucket list.

Traditionally, Christmas for us has always been out of the ordinary. We usually celebrate the day on Christmas Eve due to work, and we eat roast beef instead of turkey! But this year, I’m not working and I’m spending Christmas day with Dave and his family and they always eat turkey on the big day.

My boyfriend and I are moving into our flat this week, and me being little miss Christmas I want to put up the tree before making the bed. I can’t wait to decorate the tree, wrap presents and listen to festive tunes. Of course,  watch my favourite Christmas movies and bake festive cookies, surrounded by the people I love most.

What are your Christmas traditions? Have you celebrated in another Country? Comment below and let me know, I would love to know where you’ve celebrated.


Merry Christmas to you! Share your festive stories.

Thanks for reading, Sadie 🙂



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