Adjusting to Life Back Home

Location: Hailsham, United Kingdom.

My boyfriend and I left New Zealand four weeks ago and we've been adjusting to life back home in the United Kingdom. Prior to New Zealand I went travelling in America and Canada for six months with my sister. When we arrived home I felt every emotion possible. I was sad to leave my travel life behind, happy to see my family and friends, depressed to be back in the same routine and proud of what I had achieved. When I returned from New Zealand these emotions smothered me again. This time I knew it was different, as Dave and I knew we would be settling back into home life.

What have I done since I've been home?

I have caught up on a doctors appointment, dentist appointment, opticians appointment, restarted my iPhone's pay as you go account, got my hair cut, found a casual job in a pub and caught up with as many people as possible.

Next steps?

Dave and I want to start saving so we can move in together. I am really looking forward to us having our first official flat together. I also want to take a step in the right direction for my career. I am very interested in starting a career in the travel industry. Travelling for me, was one of the best decisions and a life time experience. I would love to have the opportunity to help other people who want to travel and recommend places I have been and can guarantee will have a wonderful experience. I am also very keen in marketing and advertising, whether it be for film and television which I studied for at University or within a magazine company. Preferably, I would love the chance to enter the media world.

What else? Save, save, and save.

It does feel incredibly strange to be home in the UK, it took me a while to feel settled here again. One thing I have noticed is how busy every town is and how busy the roads are. New Zealand lacks the 'hussle and bussle' life and instead, adopts a very relaxed lifestyle. This has taken some adjustment to. One thing which I have not missed is traffic.

That's it for now. I would love to hear about other travellers stories and if you are now back home in your Country, how are you adjusting? What do you find strange about being home? I will write again soon, thank you for reading.



P.S- What have I missed?

A wide range of cereals, Maryland Cookies, cheap alcohol, River Island and New Look retail stores, ASDA supermarkets, cheap Dry Shampoo and a good old English pub.




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