My Favourite Airlines

In the last two years I have been lucky enough to visit quite a few Countries and visit beautiful areas in the world and in order to do so, I’ve travelled with a few (in my opinion) of the best airlines. Saying that, I have also travelled with a few disappointing airlines. Really, at the end of the day the achievement is to leave from point A to arrive in point B safe and sound, with your luggage within a successful flight. But extra leg room, variety of an inflight entertainment system, hot hand towels, continuous drink and caring customer service from the flight attendants does fulfil the long journey you have ahead of yourself.


Number 5- Virgin Atlantic
London Heathrow to Orlando, Florida

Number 4- Qantas Airlines
Christchurch, New Zealand to Melbourne, Australia

Number 3- British Airways
London Heathrow to Seattle, United States

Number 2- Emirates
Sydney, Australia to Dubai. Dubai to London Heathrow

Number 1- Singapore Airlines
London Heathrow to Singapore

  • Attentive and professional flight attendants
  • Comfortable seats
  • Continuous drinks and snacks provided
  • Boast the best food selection
  • Attention to detail and exceptional service
  • Fantastic inflight entertainment system
  • Toilets provide plenty of accessories.

Overall, Singapore Airlines is a fantastic airline and to any extent my favourite airline to fly with.

Who is your favourite airline? I would love to hear about your experiences and trips. Thank you!




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