Skydiving- Seeking Adventure in New Zealand

I’ve updated my blog post about my 13,000ft skydive, including footage! Here is my video, enjoy. Thank you. #newzealand

Travelling Enthusiast, Trying Life at Home

Location: Ashburton, Canterbury Region, South Island, New Zealand


  • Monday 24th August 2015
  • 14:00 jump
  • Height: 13,000ft Skydive, 60 seconds of free-fall
  • Company: Skydiving Kiwi’s
  • Package: USB including photos and videos of my jump
  • Instructor: Lee (a very chilled but professional Kiwi)
  • Price: $360
  • Paperwork: Signing a declaration saying this extreme sport can cause major injuries and in some (very rare) cases.. death. (Never signed one of those before!)

I consider myself to be quite an adrenaline junkie and jumping out of a plane at 13,000ft with a stranger strapped to my back, hoping and praying the $360 dollar parachute I have just paid, whilst reaching full velocity, will open successfully, was definitely a way to fulfil this feeling.

A skydive jump has always been on my bucket list and jumping in New Zealand was the perfect location. From a birds eye view perspective the sight was just incredible. I was…

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