The Reality of Travelling

My thoughts on the reality of travelling..

Travelling Enthusiast, Trying Life at Home

People are always telling people that travelling is a once in a life time opportunity- and in many ways these people are right. But recently I’ve found that travelling is actually extremely difficult and it’s important to know the disadvantages of travelling before you decide to take a trip.

I’m not writing this blog post to scare anyone away from the idea- because I will be the first person to say “go travelling”, I really will. I create this illusion every day in my blog posts, that travelling is amazing and it is, I stand by this. But, here are some of the realities to help guide you with the transition when you’re in another country. I wish I knew them before hitting the road!

Travelling is expensive
– Of course, this is to be expected. Every Country is different. I’m in New Zealand at the moment and it’s the…

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