Happy Mother’s Day

I would like to wish my mum back home in the United Kingdom, a very Happy Mother’s Day. On a day like today, it is very difficult being away from home. A reminder that you miss out on Christmas at home, friends and families birthdays, Easter treats, mother’s day, anniversaries- any date that you would usually spend with a family member or your friends.

My mum is my best friend, my rock, and my absolute superstar and she deserves a super special Mother’s Day. I’m over the other side of the world (literally- New Zealand), so the daughter at home has to step up- (sorry Faye). Anyway, I’ve sent a card home for my mum to open this morning, my sister and I have sent her flowers to wake up to and I’m waiting for mum to wake up so I can skype her. Damn, you have to appreciate technology.

Anyway, for anyone travelling today who has their mum at home I hope you get to wish them a Happy Mother’s Day, and see them on skype. Let’s share the love back home.

Happy Mother’s Day mothers across the globe. Enjoy, and I hope you get spoilt rotten.

Love you Mummy x-x-x


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