Seeking Employment Under a Working Holiday Visa Scheme!

Location: Christchurch, Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand
Employment: Unemployed
Status: Stressed

When I came back from travelling in the States and Canada for six months, I felt as if I still wanted to continue my travels and a wonderful destination for me, was to re visit New Zealand. This time I had the idea to visit New Zealand for a year on a working holiday visa scheme. Going through the process of applying for a Visa, finding accommodation when we arrived in Auckland, sorting travel insurance and packing up my life for a year was actually the easy part. The difficult part has been trying to seek employment in New Zealand- it’s killing me.

I know a bit dramatic right? But before I set off half way across the world to this stunning Country, I’d imagine that finding work wasn’t going to be too difficult and I was completely wrong.

My boyfriend Dave and I are living in Christchurch now in the South Island and he is already working. It’s been three weeks and I’ve only just started having interviews. In a way Dave is lucky, he is applying to work for labouring companies and Christchurch seeks a lot of staff for this chosen industry. I am applying for hospitality work- working in restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels (etc) and I don’t seem to be getting anywhere. If I find a job, I then can’t find accommodation to go with it. The problem Dave and I have is we share one car for our travels and with his type of work, he always needs the car. Meaning I have to walk or get the bus and this isn’t always achievable depending how far the accommodation is from a work establishment.

I am trying to stay positive, but I am incredibly bored. I wanted to write this blog post just to raise awareness that travelling on a working holiday visa can be really difficult and stressful. But it’s important to try and not give up. A job will come along eventually, with accommodation and before I know it, I should be working. If you decide to take a trip like this, then try to have a little patience and perseverance. Keep applying for jobs and stay strong! That’s what I’m trying to do.

If anyone has any advice for this blog post- how I can achieve both a job and accommodation then please, I’m all ears πŸ™‚ Thank you!

Any advice for me to stay positive is much appreciated travellers! πŸ™‚



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