Cloud Gate- Also Referred to as ‘The Bean’

Location: Millennium Park, Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Yes, a stainless steel sculpture in Chicago called Cloud Gate, is also referred to as ‘The Bean’. The beautiful sculpture is very similar to the features of a giant, shiny bean. I love it.

The bean is located in Millennium Park, a beautiful area of Chicago. We visited Chicago in March and found the bean to be a huge attraction.

The sculpture is reminiscent of a fun-house mirror at a fairground park and is featured in many Hollywood films as an icon point. It’s quite fascinating taking a picture at the bean. I’m sure you will be entertained taking pictures here. Chicago is one of my favourite places in America, I fell in love with this gorgeous city and the bean was a wonderful highlight to our trip. Enjoy 🙂

P.S- All pictures are my own, enjoy 🙂


3 thoughts on “Cloud Gate- Also Referred to as ‘The Bean’

    1. I know, there were a lot of tourists taking photos when I was there. It is quite spectacular! But Chicago does have so many things to see. I loved my time in Chicago- another highlight was the Corn Towers! You’re welcome, thank you as well.

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