The Reality of Travelling

People are always telling people that travelling is a once in a life time opportunity- and in many ways these people are right. But recently I’ve found that travelling is actually extremely difficult and it’s important to know the disadvantages of travelling before you decide to take a trip.

I’m not writing this blog post to scare anyone away from the idea- because I will be the first person to say “go travelling”, I really will. I create this illusion every day in my blog posts, that travelling is amazing and it is, I stand by this. But, here are some of the realities to help guide you with the transition when you’re in another country. I wish I knew them before hitting the road!

Travelling is expensive
– Of course, this is to be expected. Every Country is different. I’m in New Zealand at the moment and it’s the most expensive place I’ve visited. It’s expensive to buy food, accommodation and filling up the car. General living.

Tip: Eat out less, cook more. Fill the car up to the top and use Air BnB. Try to resist buying souvenirs.

It’s actually exhausting
– This one sounds silly, I know. But carrying a backpack on your back is more difficult than you think- it’s heavy. Early mornings, long travel days and dealing with impatient people on a subway because your backpack is always in there way, can be a little frustrating.

Tip: Have the occasional lie-in, you don’t have to explore every day. Take breaks on long travel days. If you’re travelling in a car, stop of at a picnic bench, stretch your legs and walk around- it will help.

Feeling homesick
– I hate this one.

Tip: Always talk to your family and friends at home- Skype, message, email, even send a postcard.

Adjusting to the time difference
This one is tricky as every location will have a different time zone.

Tip: If you’ve gained or lost hours, try to wake up at the time you usually would and this will help to get you back into a routine. Make time to Skype people back home with the new time zone in mind.

Some Cities and areas will disappoint you
– For me, this was Auckland in New Zealand. Biggest city in New Zealand but it didn’t stand out for me.

Tip: You never know until you’ve been there. Just wait and see with this one.

You live out of the same wardrobe (minor problem)
– This isn’t a huge problem for my boyfriend Dave, but I hate knowing I have so many beautiful clothes and shoes back home. Locked away in a cupboard, gaining dust!! And I’m wearing the same outfits all the time!!

Tip: Not much you can do about this one.

But here’s a funny story. My sister and I hired a Motor home for our first trip to New Zealand, two weeks in we got lost driving up a road to nowhere (which ended up being private property), a very narrow single road. We obviously had to turn the motor home around, but in doing so we slid down a bank, our tyre’s got stuck in the mud, we couldn’t move the van, we lost cell phone connection and we were miles away from civilisation.Ā We got lost, we cried, we laughed, we thought we would be stuck there for our entire trip. Anyway, a man came who owned the property and towed us out- what a hero!

Travelling will be difficult, but it will also be a once in a life time opportunity- full of laughable moments like this one. Enjoy it!

Thank you for reading, bye for now. šŸ™‚

Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of our disaster- I’ll have to see if my sister did. But we were saved! Our motor home was fine šŸ™‚



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