North Island to South Island- Exploring New Zealand

Location: Wellington, Capital of New Zealand.
Travelling: Interislander Ferry over to Picton, South Island. 

After five months in New Zealand, arriving in Auckland on the 21st September 2016 our time travelling, exploring and working round the North Island has come to an end. Dave and I have loved the time we’ve spent adventuring round the North Island, but we are super excited to get down to the South and see how the other half of Kiwi’s live.

I’ve been to New Zealand before with my sister. We were here for five weeks, spending two weeks in the North Island and three in the South and we realised how different the two islands are to one another. We had been told by so many people, other travellers and kiwis themselves the South island is extremely different to the North and this is 100% accurate. It’s difficult to explain how. If you’ve ever been to the USA and visited New York City on the East Coast and Los Angeles on the West Coast, they are in extreme oppositions. In lifestyle, expense, weather conditions, activities, personalities, (etc) and I think this is apparent in New Zealand between both islands.

I can’t wait to see how different they are!

So I’m currently sat in the cafeteria of the Interislander ferry, travelling from Wellington the Capital of New Zealand over to Picton, in the South Island. It’s 22:15 in the evening and I can hear the waves splashing up against the side of the ferry; it’s time to go check that out. Bye for now, thank you!

Let the second half of our adventure begin 🙂

Interislander Ferry- Wellington to Picton.



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