Theatre Row Diner- New York City, USA

Location: New York City, USA
West 42nd Street, (Corner of Dyer Avenue & 42nd Street).

What presented as a great little diner, shortly turned into a disappointment!

Whilst my sister and I were travelling round the USA, our boyfriends came to visit us in NYC. We were staying in Yotel Hotel New York, which is fabulous by the way. However, we chose not to eat breakfast in the hotel everyday as it was quite expensive.

We found a superb little diner round the corner from us, called Theatre Row Diner. By our third and final visit, the four of us had never been so shocked by how the manager treated us. We enjoyed our meal, hot drinks and our server who was looking after us. However, when it came to receiving the bill we all left the amount to cover our purchases and a generous tip. Two minutes later the manager came over to our table with our bill and demanded more money of us for a higher tip. He said we had to leave over 20%. He stood at the table with us, practically waiting for one of us to hand over extra money. He persisted to all four of us that we must leave 20% as a gratuity. He handed our bill back to us and walked away, expecting us to leave more money.

I like tipping in restaurants when the service is great, the food is delicious, the atmosphere is welcoming and overall I feel satisfied. I almost, 99% of the time leave a tip. The way the manager spoke to us that day demanding extra money from us, we decided to leave the exact amount on the bill and take away the tip we had originally left him.

After this, we never went back to the diner and I would not recommend the diner to anyone visiting NYC. I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable and pressured in a situation like we did. So avoid Theatre Row Diner!

On a plus side, I would recommend Mr.Biggs Bar & Grill and here is a link to read all about it!

Thank you, bye for now 🙂




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