What is ‘Before I Forget?’

When I write a blog article I post it to my category ‘Destinations’, these posts are dedicated to places I have visited (USA, Canada, NZ), activities I have enjoyed (Hobbiton, World of Coca-Cola) and adventures I have experienced (Niagara Falls, Route 66). These posts are long and descriptive to include important details.

I want to introduce a new category today called ‘Before I Forget’, this category will be dedicated to my quick thoughts and memories I want to share with you. I want to tell you about hidden gems I have found through my journey so far, my daily thoughts- whether it be a fantastic restaurant I ate at, a quirky coffee shop, cocktail hour in a bar, or a remote town we drove through. Hidden gems I do not want to forget about!

If you’ve experienced any locations under the radar along your journey in any part of the world, then please I would love to hear about your recommended hidden gems. Get in touch and share your story. I would love to include guest interaction in my travel blog. You are welcome to email me or leave me a comment below with a blog post idea and I can incorporate it in my next post, with your name and details.

Check in: sadiechillingworth@outlook.com

Thank you for reading and I will be sharing ‘Before I Forget’ moments shortly.

Bye for now 🙂


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