Feeling Energised at Mount Maunganui.

Current Destination: Mount Maunganui, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty Region in the North Island of New Zealand.

I felt completely energised today. Dave went to work nice and early this morning and I’m currently not working at the moment so I had a whole day to enjoy by myself.

I decided to go for a long walk as the sun was shining highs of 28 degrees, it was a gorgeous day! I walked over 12.1km (7.5miles) round Mount Maunganui. I started by walking round the base track of the mount and for a round trip this takes about 40 minutes to complete. I then decided to walk to the top of the mount, to the summit which at its highest point is 232m (761ft). The walk to the top of the mount is very difficult, there are two main options you can take; either the steep slopes or the steep steps. Either way it is a very steep climb to the summit. It’s difficult to recommend a walking time to the summit as each track has different levels of difficulties and it really depends on your personal walking structure. Whether you walk slow or fast, take breaks, sit down to rest, or whether you’re better at climbing steps or slopes (etc). I’ve walked to the top of the mount four times since I’ve been living in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui. I absolutely love the views from the top and the climb to reach this point.

When you reach the top of the mount summit, the views are just incredible and totally worth the huffs and puffs. You see the beach stretch for miles ahead of you, the inner harbour, Matakana Island, Moturiki Island, Motuotau Island, Mount Maunganui town, ships, boats, clear blue water and white golden sandy beaches. When you reach the top find yourself a nice spot and simply enjoy the views ahead of you, in front of your eyes.

When I got back to the bottom of the mount, I walked along the beach front to enjoy the beautiful clear sea water and through Mount Maunganui town back home.

Remember: Bring a camera, plenty of water, a walking snack to keep your energy levels up, sun cream, and a hat.

I admit it, the last couple of days I have been feeling really homesick. This is silly really because I have been away from home for a solid six months before and my Mum, Sister and my Nan are coming to visit me in New Zealand in exactly two weeks today. So why do I feel home sick? I think it’s important to remember that although I am travelling and living a dream, exploring New Zealand, experiencing adventures, creating memories, taking photos, I will always feel slightly home sick. I will always miss home; miss my mum and sister, my family and friends. But this is okay- it’s good to feel home sick. Feeling homesick is completely natural, but the important thing to remember is I want to travel. As long as I continue to message, skype and communicate with my family and friends back home, I will carry on with my travels feeling content.

Going for a long walk today really helped clear my mind. When I was sat at the top of the mount enjoying the stunning views, I remembered why I chose to travel in the first place. And to any inspired travellers out there, we do it to navigate and discover beautiful parts of the world and Mount Maunganui is one of those sights. Or for some of us, were doing it to escape the real world -nothing wrong with that!

There it is my energised day at Mount Maunganui. I feel good knowing I feel homesick; it helps keep me balanced while I travel. I love speaking to my mum and sister every day and telling them what I’ve seen and been up to and I love sharing my photos I have taken along the way.

The aim of this blog post was to 1- tell any traveller who is planning to visit New Zealand, to make time in their schedule to visit Tauranga, Mount Maunganui in the Bay of Plenty region. If you want any further information on the area I will be happy to answer questions for you. I’m planning to write a follow up post about attractions, activities, restaurants and areas to visit in this area soon. There is a lot to see! And 2- feeling homesick is okay; it’s healthy and in a strange way keeps a person balanced. Leaving home and going off to see the big wide world is scary, but believe me it will be the best decision you ever make, enjoy!

Speak soon, thank you.

Sadie Chillingworth


P.S- All photos are my own, enjoy!


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