Aloha Kakou “Greetings to All”

Welcome back and “Aloha”. In Hawaii, this popular phrase is used to greet someone, share a hello, goodbye, a welcome, affection and love.

We used this term a lot in Hawaii, along with ‘Mahalo’, ‘Aloha kakahiaka’ and ‘Aloha ahiahi’, meaning thank you, good morning and good evening.

In my post last week I mentioned I visited Hawaii for a holiday before I flew out to New Zealand and I want to share with you my experience visiting this stunning island. We visited an area called Waikiki in Honolulu, on the island of Oahu. We flew from London Heathrow to LAX Los Angeles airport, which takes around 11 hours and our second flight from LAX to Honolulu airport, which took a round 6 hours. The flights are quite long but my mum, sister and I we were all so excited to be travelling to Hawaii, the time felt as if it was moving quickly. And by the time we arrived in Honolulu, late in the evening we all immediately felt that summer feeling. You know the feeling where you step off the plane; already regretting your chosen outfit you decided to put on in Heathrow, where it was either raining or cold. This in my case stepping off the plane wearing a pair of skinny jeans in 30 degree heat was a big mistake. Anyway, you step off the plane and automatically feel the warm humidity, and summer breeze, ready to relax on the beach and soak up the Hawaiian sunshine. We checked into our hotel, unpacked, had a good nights’ sleep and before we knew it, the three of us were ready to start the next day fresh full of sun, sea and sand in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Our first day in Hawaii was absolutely beautiful. We woke up to start our day nice and early, packed our beach bags, walked down Kalakaua Avenue, the main avenue leading down to Waikiki beach, grabbed a litre bottle of water, a Lipton peach iced tea and headed straight for the sand. Waikiki beach is just beautiful. The sand is as golden as you imagine, the water is warm and inviting and the sky is pure blue, with shining rays of 35 degree heat! We spent many days down at Waikiki beach, a few days we had to spend under umbrellas as the sun was very hot. We even decided to join in with all the other locals and buy a few floats from the local ABC Convenient Store. I will attach a few photos of Waikiki beach in a separate blog, so you can see for yourself how beautiful this beach is. I’m not really a huge fan of the beach myself, I’ve always preferred relaxing round a swimming pool, but Hawaiian beaches have won me over. I was very comfortable chilling in the sun.

One of the places you must absolutely visit in Oahu, Hawaii is the peaceful grounds of Pearl Harbor. The Pearl Harbor tour provides an opportunity for you to stand above the wreckage of the USS Arizona, visiting the beautiful marble walls Memorial.  The tour is kindly free and can last for over an hour, up to an hour and a half. The tour schedule begins with a documentary of the attack, and highlights the impact of the attack on the USS Arizona. We then boarded a Navy shuttle over to the Memorial, a pure white marble landmark, which serves as a focus for remembrance and commemorating those who have lost their lives fighting in the Battle of Pearl Harbor. The landmark represents a time for reflection; it’s a beautiful place to visit. It allows for opportunity to learn the history of Pearl Harbor and most importantly to pay our respects for a moment in history, which changed the lives of so many. One thing I will mention if you decide to visit Pearl Harbor, is to remember you are visiting a site that reflects the loss of many lives, dress appropriately and act kindly. We didn’t have a car in Hawaii, but buses are very accessible and run throughout the day, to the grounds of Pearl Harbor.

We spent most of our time in Hawaii at the beach, as it’s where you want to be. But if you do fancy a few activities, I would recommend visiting Honolulu Zoo, located between the slopes of Diamond Head and the corner of Kapahulu Avenue. General admission for the zoo is $14, a nice stroll around the zoo, beautiful animals to see, it’s a casual afternoon out.

I would also recommend visiting Honolulu Wet’N’Wild, a great day out at a water park. As we didn’t have our own car, we booked a shuttle coach to the water park, via the website. It’s a great location to soak up the sun, enjoy the water and the rides.

That’s all for now, this blog sums up my holiday in Hawaii. I had an amazing time visiting this island; it really is a beautiful area to visit in the world. And I am so grateful to my mum who booked this trip for the three of us, as always the three of us had a perfect time together. Until our next holiday!

Let me know if you have questions, check in and speak soon. Take care and A Hui-Hou. (Goodbye).

Sadie Chillingworth




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