In the Blink of an Eye

July 8th. It’s been four months since I last updated my travel blog and I’m going to say it, I’ve just been too busy. I hate that saying, I really do. But let’s not dwell, I’m in a really happy mood and I feel like writing.

On a side note I’ve just finished watching the four part series of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, exclusive to Netflix and I loved it. I felt so much nostalgia watching this show again, it’s been nine years since the series finished and I’ve missed watching best friends’ mother Lorelai and daughter Rory chatter away, drink coffee, laugh and eat so much food. So this show has brightened up my last couple of days. I think this series has inspired me to continue writing my blog. I know it has nothing to do with travelling; however Rory, Lorelai daughter is a writer. She is passionate about journalism, writing and enjoys telling a story. For me, I enjoy sharing a memory.

So really this post is going to be a quick catch up over the last four months of my life and where it has led. I still have so much to share with you about my travels with my sister Faye in Canada and the United States and I promise I will write about these adventures again soon.  My current situation: I am sat in my bedroom, my boyfriend Dave is in the living room playing a game, I have a cup of English breakfast tea next to me and I’m writing to you. I am living in the Bay of Plenty Region, in a beautiful town called Tauranga, in New Zealand. That’s right, my travelling days are far from finished, I’m just beginning my second chapter and the ink is still fresh. Oh, if you have trouble pronouncing Tauranga, like Dave and I did, break it down to “Toe-rong-a” roll the r just a little, and you’ve nailed it.

When I got back from America I spent two weeks or so searching for a job and I secured a position as a front of house member at an amazing beach side restaurant called The Beach Deck in Eastbourne. Close to home, great location, long hours, busy days, and I loved working with a fabulous team. I worked here for four months saving money to fund my next travels. In this time I saved enough money to purchase a one-way plane ticket to New Zealand, a Working Holiday Visa, travel insurance, essentials for this trip, and on the topic of saving, I pocketed money for my trip to Hawaii with my two best friends’ my mum Paula and my sister Faye. But I won’t go into details about Hawaii just yet.

September 19th, my mum and sister drove me to Heathrow airport in London at 7:00am to meet Dave and his family. The day had arrived when I would be leaving the two most important people in my life, the two women I speak to everyday for a year. 365 days! I was terrified. Excited, of course but terrified. Just imagine this me and Dave, my mum, sister, Dave’s dad Steve, his mum Joanna and his sister Jen all stood in a circle moments before we would go through security and fly to the other side of the world. My god, I sound like I’m writing a tear gushing moment here, filled with sadness and despair. Grab a tissue everyone, I’m about to make you weep. Let’s cheer this memory up a little and cut to the chase. We were all upset, but so excited. And with multitude communication platforms nowadays like Skype, FaceTime, Messaging, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Emailing, Calling and sending a letter via an owl we have quite a few ways of staying in touch. It’s not like we’ve flown to a remote corner of the earth, with no Wi-Fi, no access and no essentials to live. We’re living like kiwis, crazy kiwis and both our families are thrilled and happy for us. Plus, they get to visit us.

Well, I think that’s it for now, I’m caught up. Home from America, worked for four months, saved for New Zealand, went on a holiday to Honolulu, Hawaii and now living, working and travelling round New Zealand for a year. I am so happy to be writing my travel blog again. In my next few posts I will be sharing with you mine and Dave’s adventures so far here in New Zealand and I will continue my travel posts about America and Canada.

Speak soon, bye for now!

Sadie Chillingworth




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