World of Coca-Cola

I want to kick start a discussion and talk about my visit to the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia. My friends and family members who know me well, know that I am pretty much addicted to Coca-Cola, and although some people may see this as a bad thing to be addicted to, I disagree, I strongly disagree. There is nothing more refreshing than a cold glass of Coca-Cola. Yes, of course its bad for your teeth, but we all have that one guilty pleasure.

We visited Atlanta for a week and although this was not my favourite place in America, I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to the attraction World of Coca-Cola. The World of Coca Cola is the only place you can learn the history, the fascinating story, facts, figures and secrets of the pop drink. We all know and love Coca-Cola as being the Worlds best known beverage brand and its an amazing experience to attend this attraction and learn knowledge and insights to the Global company.

World of Coca-Cola is located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, beside the Georgia Aquarium at Pemberton Place. The attraction offers a variety of tickets options, and the General Admission for an adult is $16.00 (dollars), and youth $12.00 (dollars). However, if you fancy enhancing this experience and taking one step up, I would recommend the VIP Guided tour for $28.00 (dollars). The VIP tour is personal and led by a dedicated member of the team who has extensive knowledge and interests of the brand.

With the VIP tour you will receive a personal lanyard, which you get to keep at the end of your tour as a souvenir. The guide will provide you with exclusive information about the brand and the company and they walk you through each room explaining the history & legacy of each section. You also have extra bonuses like not having to queue to enter the 4D Theater, Perfect Pauses Theater, quick access to have a photograph taken with Coca-Cola’s leading icon the Polar Bear, and an opportunity to trade your lanyard for a Coca-Cola pin. I decided to keep my lanyard though. (Nerd). Our guide was very informative and knew his history of the brand as my sister and myself asked him many questions. It was very personal but also great fun!

World of Coca-Cola is a huge establishment, at the end of the tour as you leave the attraction you enter a souvenir shop, which is huge! This store sells every type of merchandise, clothing, kitchen essentials, gifts all branded as Coca-Cola and its second leading drink Diet Coca-Cola. The store itself is actually really reasonably priced, I know most people would believe an establishment like this would be quite expensive, but it was great. Really well priced. There is so much to choose from- so my advice, if you are a fan. Is to grab a red basket and fill it up, have fun.

Towards the end of the tour you are led through the Bottle Works room, which is a behind the scenes look at the bottle making process of Coca-Cola. At the end of this room, each guest is allowed to pick up their own 8.oz glass bottle of Coca-Cola to take home to enjoy and keep as a souvenir. But.. before you go through to the souvenir shop, you have to walk through the Taste It room. This room is like a non-alcoholic pub for adults. You get to try and taste each of Coca-Cola’s leading brands of the 100 international and domestic beverages made by the Coca-Cola company. There is a huge Coca-Cola centre piece in the middle of this attraction, which is great to take a photo of or pose in front of for your album cover. Coca-Cola company provide a huge variety of drinks across Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America- in this journey you can taste each of the drinks they offer and provide to the world.

One of the best moments to this Coca-Cola tour is seeing the World’s famous Vault of the Secret Formula. The secret formula is regarded as the best-kept formula to a vastly popular drink in the world, and it represents over 125 years of the leading brand. The process and the secret to making this drink! As far as I am aware and I will pass on my little secret here, this famous vault is the only vault in the world that has the original copy to the ingredients of Coca-Cola that John Pemberton once invented.

So if you are a fan of the drink Coca-Cola or any of its other products it offers, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Coca-Cola life, Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke (etc) then I would definitely recommend visiting World of Coca-Cola. If you don’t fancy the VIP tour that I did myself, the general admission tour looks just as interesting and informative. It is a great place to visit, I would recommend taking your camera with you as there are many perfect pictures moment around the building and enjoy your time here. It is really amazing and I would actually love to visit again one day.

That is all for now. Check in, ask any questions, provide feedback or comments and I’ll be writing soon! Enjoy- bottles up!

Sadie Chillingworth


World of Coca-Cola
Making the Coca-Cola glass bottle
Perfect picture moment!



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