100 things to do before I kick the bucket list. 

I purchased a new book today from a shop called Typo, which sells creative gifts, stationary and decorative home pieces. I love this shop. Some of you might have heard of Typo. It is operated by a branch called Cotton On. Originally founded in Australia, now established worldwide. I first visited this shop in Christchurch, New Zealand. My sister and I love this shop. It may be an odd interest, but we both love stationary items. Typo is really vintage, really creative and actually really refreshing. I say this because you can buy everyday items from here, but the items are retro and unique. For example on our first visit, we bought an everyday writing pen, but it has a full working fan at the tip of it. It’s only a small item and really it’s just a pen, but I think its retro having a fan at the top of it. We bought a pack of white little pegs. Pegs you would use to hang your washing on the line, but miniature size. We use these to display our Polaroid prints. And lastly, a box of battery operated mini paper lanterns. I now have these lanterns displayed round the headboard of my bed at home and they are really pretty.
When we visited Typo in New Zealand, we found ourselves walking round this shop for ages. In fact, we actually visited twice whilst we were in Christchurch. And there was so much we wanted to buy. Writing notepads, mugs, unique canvas’s, camera accessories, magnets, pillows, phone cases and trust me, if I had enough room in my suitcase I would of bought so much more.
So here we are seven months later in San Diego, California shopping at Fashion Valley (which is great by the way, lots of shops) and we spotted a Typo. Now just imagine a little girl’s face lite up on December 25th, Christmas morning. The chocolate chip cookie has a big chunk bitten out of it, the carrots have been nibbled at and the glass of 2% milk is empty. She is happy right? So are we. We love this shop. Some readers might think I sound way too excited about a fashion and stationary shop. But it’s important to get excited about the little places and moments in life. I hope now I have mentioned this shop, I will inspire people to research Typo and Cotton On online and have a browse themselves. You might be searching for that one special canvas to go on the wall, and Typo might be the shop to help you find this.
But yes, this book I purchased. I really like it. It is called 100 things to do before I kick the bucket. 
I have always wanted to write and complete a bucket list for myself. But I have never known where to start and what to start with. Of course, I want to visit places like the Grand Canyon, the Great Barrier Reef, Niagara Falls and the Great Wall of China. But who doesn’t? These places are very common for a bucket list. And yes, I 100% want to visit these places. But I also want to spice my list up a bit, by completing small and unique tasks. For example, I have always wanted to learn how to play an instrument, specifically the piano. I want to be able to eat properly with chopsticks, conquer a disgustingly, huge food challenge and build a ten layer pyramid out of playing cards. So, I saw this book in Typo and it was perfect for me.
The book includes the wonders of seeing those incredible places like The Taj Mahal. But it also includes really quirky adventures to tick off. And I love it! The book cost me $19.95 in USD, so I think it is quite reasonable and I now have a brilliant bucket list to work from. As I read through the 100 things listed on each page, I will upload a few of them and share them with you. I will also share with you the ones I have already completed from it.
I am going to upload a photo of the book in the next post, so you can see the front page. And if anyone has any questions about the bucket list book, the shop Typo or if you would like to ask if a particular place or adventure is in the book, write a comment, ask me about it and I’ll be happy to chat.
I am really excited about starting this book and filling in my adventures so far and finding out what adventures I have to complete. I am a bit of a daredevil myself, but I’m intrigued to see if the list will challenge me in a way. And surprise me.
Thank you for reading, and I will post a new topic very soon. I welcome any feedback and comments please. Speak soon and bye for now.

Sadie Chillingworth.


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