Eight flights, Seven greyhounds, Two cars and a hell of a lot of steps. 

It has taken me a long, long time to sit down and start writing this blog. And I have absolutely no excuse why it has taken me so long in doing so. I love writing. I love sharing photos, discussing ideas, sharing my adventures and my memories. I am having the adventure of a lifetime and its about time I share this adventure with others. So here it is..
I’ll start off by introducing myself with the standard biographical information. My name is Sadie Chillingworth, I am from an old folks town called Eastbourne in the United Kingdom. A Film Studies graduate from the University of Portsmouth. I drink way too much Coca- Cola and PG Tips, I watch too many films and television programmes, I read Empire magazine excessively, red wine is my crypt tonight and I love to shop. Like seriously, all the time. Putting this aside, and as I mentioned before, I am experiencing the adventure of a lifetime.. What am I doing? I am travelling. (Some people might say backpacking, and yes, I do have a backpack with me but damn, I miss my oversized, four wheeled, easy to guide handled suitcase). Instead I feel like I’m carrying a person on my back. So I say travelling instead of backpacking.
Back on topic, I have experienced how the Kiwi’s live on the other side of the world in New Zealand. We travelled for five weeks in a Motorhome, driving round both the North and South Island. The Canadian experience for six weeks, using good old public transport. And flying from the West to East Coast. For those of you who have not visited Canada, it is huge. There is so much to see, so a quick four flight from West to East is the way forward. My last adventure, which I am currently still living is the American experience. We’ve mainly travelled round the USA in our own car and at the beginning the god awful, terrifying Greyhound experience. (But that is a topic worth saving for a different discussion). We have used public transport from time to time. But after gaining an extra travel bag, a cool bag, and separate bags full of gods no what. We decided a car is the best decision! Of course, a car is great for other advantages as well. Cheap gas for one thing. And we have seen the most breathtaking sights driving down the Mother Road of Route 66, driving over the Coronado Bridge in San Diego, and the Fort De Soto Bridge in Florida. These routes would not be accessible via greyhound or in some cases, even public transport. So we have loved our car journeys. As I write this introduction, we have hired out two cars so far and both the boots (or trunks, as Americans say) have been full to the rim. Filled with souvenirs, clothes, food, our backpacks and until most recently our donation of winter clothes. Which I am happy to announce, we have now donated and we are wearing summer clothes. Trust me, I say this with a loving heart, I am a winters girl through and through. I love wearing boots, scarves, hats, mittens, coats and jumpers. And as I’m from the UK, this is what I am used to. But we started our travels back in November, traveling through place after place, state after state in snow, wind, fog and rain. As of about three weeks ago, we are now travelling in sunshine.


So, I’m hoping if I do have any readers, you guys and girls haven’t felt too bored and switched pages yet. But I hope you have noticed I keep saying ‘we’ in places. The we I am referring to is my sister and myself. I am sharing this adventure with my best friend, my older sister Faye. I graduated back in July, 2015 and decided to go travelling after this. My sister fancied it as well. So it was simple, she quit her job (brave, I know) and she packed up a bag with me. I cannot tell you the amount of times we tried persuading our mum to join us in our travels. But I’m afraid we failed there. But don’t worry, she has already visited us once in the iconic Las Vegas city! And she is rejoining us for a week in Los Angeles. Very soon!
There it is ladies and gents, my short introduction to my current lifestyle. I’ve graduated, saved some pennies, packed a backpack, booked a ticket and said adios amigos!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to sharing my adventures and experiences on here with you. I would love to hear about yours in return. Check in, ask me any questions and bye for now, thank you!

Sadie Chillingworth.


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