AJ Hackett’s Ledge Swing

Check out my ledge swing, 400metres above Queenstown, South Island of New Zealand!

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Fancy a swing 400metres out above Queenstown from the top of the Gondola ride, in the south island of New Zealand?

Fancy pulling the self-release cord yourself? The fate is in your hands..

Fancy a rope style swing, feeling the sensation of flying?

Then I recommend visiting Queenstown and going on AJ Hackett’s Ledge Swing! You won’t regret it.

Queenstown is a beautiful area in the South-West corner of New Zealand, surrounded by mountains and built around Lake Wakatipu. Full of activities, ski mountains and adrenaline sensations. If you’re a daredevil then head to this town and challenge your fears with a bungy, a swing, skydive, luge rides, paragliding, jet boating, zip line adventures and more.

I bought myself the photo and video package at the end of my swing, as the footage is incredible. The views of Queenstown look spectacular and my scream whilst swinging is quite a sound to listen to!…

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Day trip to Milford Sound & Fiordland National Park. 

Day trip to Milford Sound and Fiordland National Park with JUCY Coach & Cruise, from Queenstown. South-West corner of New Zealand! Milford Sound is also recognised as the eighth wonder of the world, it is absolutely breath taking. I would highly recommend a trip to these parts of New Zealand. There are plenty of tour …

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Moeraki Boulders!

If you're planning a trip from Christchurch to Dunedin in the South Island of New Zealand, then I recommend stopping to visit the Moeraki Boulders, along Koekohe beach between Moeraki and Hampden. The Moeraki Boulders are curiously large shaped boulders lying along a stretch of Kowkohe beach. They are stunning and incredibly picture worthy. Take a camera …

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Just a Wee Little Baker, on a Working Holiday Visa!

Yes, you did read my title correctly. I did use a kiwi slang word 'wee'. We've been living in Christchurch for nine weeks now and I've been working for just under six weeks at a wee little café called Ristretto and I love it. I work with a small team of ladies, three kiwis, an American woman on a working …

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