Weekend in Weymouth

My sister and I recently had a weekend away together and visited Weymouth, a seaside town in Dorset, along the South-West coast of England. We stayed in an Airbnb, just outside of the town centre which was great. Hotels were quite expensive as it was the middle of the summer holidays and to be honest, I …

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Did you Say Tea?

Of course I was going to write a post about tea at some point. After all, I'm British and we are known for consuming a lot of the stuff. Yes it's true, we are a culture who drink a lot of tea and we tend to walk in the house and turn the kettle on …

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What Does Asia Have to Offer?

Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia... all of these destinations in Asia are strikingly beautiful, full of culture and history and yet, up until ten months ago I had no interest in visiting any of these destinations. So why has this changed? I've been working at a travel company for ten months now as a …

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